Advisory Council
CEFEX recognizes that the investment industry is in a continuous state of change. In order to maintain a clear view on the forces which impact fiduciaries, and to ensure that the CEFEX registration remains the industry’s most credible certification, an advisory council is in place to represent various disciplines.
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CEFEX assessment methodologies and certification criteria are the result of extensive practical, academic and professional consultation with industry experts. These experts provide guidance to the independent fiduciary oversight process and how it is positioned to serve the investment industry.

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star Blaine F. Aikin, CFP, CFA, AIFA, Fiduciary Subject Matter Expert
star Bonnie M. Treichel, JD Chief Solutions Officer, Endeavor Retirement
star David A. Vriesenga, Senior Partner, VriesPort Consulting Services
star Pete Swisher, CFP, CPC, QPA, TGPC, Managing Partner, Group Plan Systems
star Richard N. Carpenter, CPC, CEBS - In Memoriam

The following individuals have established agreements with CEFEX to conduct fiduciary assessments. All CEFEX Analysts are Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analysts (AIFA®). Analysts qualified by CEFEX to perform ASPPA Recordkeeper Certification assessments must carry the AIFA® designation and at least one of the following ASPPA designations: Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA), Qualified Pension Consultant (QPA), Certified Pension Consultant (CPC) or Fellow, Society of Pension Actuaries (FSPA).

Firms interested in certification should contact the Analysts to establish credentials/background and request a quotation. The CEFEX Analyst is not permitted to have worked for, or been associated with, a CEFEX assessed entity, for the previous 2 years, or for 6 months after an assessment.

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  Name Firm Type ASPPA
Qual. *
star Aaron Drew MyFiduciary Limited Analyst Devonport, Auckland
star B. Heath Grubbs Financial Management Inc. Analyst/Advisor Little Rock, AR
star Barry M. Corkern Barry M. Corkern and Company Analyst/Advisor Little Rock, AR
star Brad Greenbaum Altigro Pension Services, Inc. Analyst/TPA Fairfield, NJ
star Christine L. Denton Roland Criss Fiduciary Services Analyst Arlington, TX
star David R. Boone Atlanta Wealth Management, Inc. Analyst/Advisor Atlanta, GA
star Donald K. Denton Roland Criss Fiduciary Services Analyst Yes Arlington, TX
star Edwin C. Messerly Fiduciary Guidance, LLC Analyst North Canton, Ohio
star Gary Pinkerton Pinkerton Retirement Specialists, LLC Analyst/Advisor Coeur d'Alene, ID
star Earle Garvin Pension Financial Services, Inc. Analyst/TPA Duluth, GA
star Kathleen M. McBride FiduciaryPath, LLC. Analyst Rumson , NJ
star Keith Loveland Keith Loveland Consulting Analyst Minneapolis, MN
star Ken Mathis Hardy Reed, LLC Analyst/Advisor Tupelo, MS
star Ken Parkinson Hardy Reed, LLC Analyst/Advisor Tupelo, MS
star Kimberly St.Pierre Setaway, LLC Analyst Yes Bedford, NH
star Larry E. Crocker Fiduciary Consulting Group, Inc. TN Analyst Murfreesboro, TN
star Mark D. Mensack Prudent Champion, Inc. Analyst/Advisor Philadelphia, PA
star Mark McCoy Retirement Fund Management Analyst/Advisor Atlanta, GA
star Martin A. Smith Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. Analyst/Advisor Moreland, GA
star Michael P. Beczkowski Bolton Partners Investment Consulting Group, Inc. Analyst/Adviser Baltimore, MD
star Peter J. Roland Canon Capital Investment Advisory Analyst/Advisor Harleysville, PA
star Robert J. Coopman Robert J. Coopman P.C. Analyst Atlanta, GA
star Roger Levy Cambridge Fiduciary Services LLC. Analyst Scottsdale, AZ
star Saia Havili MyFiduciary Limited Analyst Devonport, Auckland
star Scott Reed Hardy Reed, LLC Analyst/Advisor Tupelo, MS
star Steve Niehoff Group Plan Systems Analyst Yes Columbus, OH
star Steven Musmanno APS Pension and Financial Services Analyst/Advisor Melville, NY
star Susan Hagerman Rockway Wealth Analyst/Advisor Yes Urbandale, IA
star Thomas Welsh Jr CEFEX Analyst Yes Pittsburgh, PA
star Vitaly Novok Lestna Retirement LLC Analyst/Advisor Chicago, IL

*  This Analyst is qualified to perform ASPPA Service Provider Certification assessments.