About CEFEX-Certified Advisors

A CEFEX-certified Investment Advisory firm has demonstrated that it has the best fiduciary practices in place. This means the firm has sound investment processes which are documented and therefore consistent.
Investors, donors, and retirement plan sponsors who use CEFEX-certified Advisors have selected trustworthy organizations which are dedicated to safeguarding their clients' best interests by finding the most appropriate products at the best price.

Investment Stewards have an obligation to conduct due diligence and oversee the providers they hire.
A CEFEX certified advisory firm comes 'diligence ready.' The Advisor is assessed on an annual basis by an independent fiduciary expert. The Investment Steward therefore realizes benefits through:

Increased efficiency: CEFEX Certified Advisors have developed processes that maximize quality and efficiency.

Better decision-making: CEFEX Certified Advisors utilize a factual approach that facilitates information-gathering and decision-making based on market data.

Improved supplier relationships: CEFEX Certified Advisors are backed by mutually beneficial supplier relationships that result in strong adherence to best practices for documentation and monitoring and ensuring the highest quality investments are used in retirement plans, trusts and other vehicles.

CEFEX certified advisory firms display the CEFEX Mark.

CEFEX Advisors are prudently watching over your investments.