For providers

Do you have clients that would benefit from having the CEFEX Mark?

As an advisor or manager, you may already be very familiar with fi360, CEFEX and the fiduciary standard. Ideally, you are already CEFEX-certified as an Investment Advisor, thereby effectively pre-qualifying your clients for their own CEFEX certification. Our advisor brochure may be helpful in explaining your value as a CEFEX-certified advisor.

As a recordkeeper or TPA, you may also play an important role in helping clients fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. Ideally, you are already CEFEX-certified, which also helps pre-qualify your clients for their own CEFEX certification.

Your clients may be very interested in the CEFEX Mark. Our brochure summarises the key information about the Mark.

Do you want to help your clients apply?

You can apply on behalf of your clients. However the Steward will need to sign a Registration Agreement, which includes the terms and conditions of their registration.