Fiduciary Consulting

The Consulting Assessment

If you are not sure you're ready for certification, then you can undertake a consulting assessment. You will work with a CEFEX Analyst who is prepared to provide assistance in developing procedures, documentation, or just providing a second opinion.

The Analyst will use the same Electronic Assessment Form which is used in a certification, so if you desire the certification, there will be no duplication of data collection. There is no obligation to proceed with certification.


The top benefits of a consulting assessment are:

  • Fiduciary risk mitigation. Act on your schedule and terms, not those of the DOL or plaintiff attorney. Your CEFEX Report summarizes the Analyst's findings and evaluates your organization's conformance with fiduciary best practices. Nonconformities and opportunities for improvement are identified.
  • Improve investment performance. A fi360 Fiduciary Monitoring Report analyzes and rates the prudence of your plan's investment portfolio in a variety of areas, including performance, risk management, style drift, and asset allocation.
  • Save money. A fi360 Fee and Expense Report provides a clear summary of fees charged by investment companies and advisors.
  • Feel smart. A Registered Opinion Letter from CEFEX states that the review has been conducted by a qualified Analyst in accordance with CEFEX's assessment standards.

How to order

Please contact us for a quote, or to arrange a discussion with one of our Analysts.