Fiduciary Essentials for Investment Stewards

Fiduciary Essentials® for Investment Stewards Training educates investment fiduciaries and associated professionals plan sponsors, trustees, investment committee members, human resources professionals, attorneys, and accountants on how they can improve their fiduciary expertise and minimize liability.

The training provides investment fiduciaries with a solid, base-level understanding of the history and fundamental requirements of the fiduciary standard. It consists of a series of learning modules taking a holistic approach to fiduciary management by including discussions on financial, administrative, and investment issues affecting Investment Stewards. Classroom programs also consist of an interactive discussion with attendees about their own plan or portfolio and the challenges they face. The goal is to make the Stewards contemplate whether they are applying the best practices they learned in the previous sessions, or, if they have potential shortfalls that expose them to unnecessary risk and liability.

Focus Areas

Each Fiduciary Essentials for Investment Stewards program is tailored to the specific plan or portfolio type that the fiduciary is serving. fi360 currently offers programs with a focus on Defined Contribution Plans. A version focused on Foundations and Endowments is planned next, with more to come.

Program Formats

The Fiduciary Essentials training curriculum is offered in three formats to offer great flexibility, optimize learning according to individual style, and minimize out-of-office time for students.

  • Online format (recordings)
  • Virtual classroom format (live online)
  • Classroom format

Fiduciary Academy

Students participating in a Fiduciary Essentials for Investment Stewards program will also be enrolled in the Fiduciary Academy. The Academy is a membership program providing ongoing access to resources and education that grow their knowledge base and maintain their certificate of fiduciary training.


Pricing starts at $249 per student for online programs and $349 per student for half-day classroom programs. Private and group options are available.

To register, contact fi360 at 866-390-5080 Option 1. For international students in the Pacific region, a full day classroom option is available through fi360 Pacific starting at $800 per student. For more information, contact